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The Ins and Outs of Building a $68k a Month Agency...Even If You Are Stuck in a Hospital Bed

"White-Hat" Link Building expert Dan Ray tells your Audience...

  • Client Getting: Cold Outreach or Inbound Marketing? Which one generates the most results.
  • What are reasonable Traffic Goals to Set with your Clients
  • A simple -- yet incredibly powerful -- system for buidling a HIGHLY profitable Facebook group.
  • How to build a team of outsourced writers on your clients dime
  • How many links do you need to win each month to keep your clients happy?
  • How to get prospects to pay $2,000 just to talk to you on the phone -- and then go on to hire you for 10x that amount.
  • Dan's magic ______ the secret to his business.
  • Winning Links for Clients: Recommended Schdule and timinig for follow-up emails
  • The absolute best system for communicating with clients to ensure they value your service.

... And much more

  • Tips for winning clients through Facebook ads

Here is how Dan lost his SEO business (the first time): At age 25 (2012) Dan was diagnosed with Kidney failure. There was no warning. Stuck in hospital for a month, Dan lost his entire client list. Since Dan only provided high-touch 'White-Hat' link building -- each link he won required a deep knowledge of the

  • Promote your podcast to Dan's growing Facebook group currently on 1,700+ members.

art of building links. There was no way Dan could outsource the ’nitty gritty’ details of what needed to be done to win each link.

  • The fastest way to gain credibility and sell yourself to big clients

When Dan got out of hospital he rebuilt his client list... only to fall ill again with an even more serious condition: both Diabetes and Kidney failure. Once again – he lost every client. That is when Dan knew he had to find a better way. A way to systematize – what seemed impossible to automate.

  • How much money can one reasonably expect to earn with a linkbuilding business?

After years of trial and error Dan developed and refined a system for building a “White-Hat” SEO Agency. An agency that runs (and gets clients) on auto-pilot --- even if Dan has to disappear for months at a time battling his own body.

Dan, in his early 30s, is ’retiring’ from client work. Dan now shows others how they can build an agency the proper way: by providing “White Hat” link building.

Google is on the war path looking for SEOs that use shady tactics. Out of desperation, SEO consultants have focused on trying to "game" the search engines – with weirder and weirder tricks. It does not work; Google destroys their clients’ businesses.

The only thing that works – that really works -- is mastering pure 'White Hat', quality link building. The strange truth is: the big clients, the best paying clients, the clients you most want to work with – will only pay for a ‘White Hat’ service. “White Hat” is where the money is. Crime truly does not pay.

Getting website owners, journalists, and bloggers to take a REAL genuine interest in your client’s content is tough. Especially if they are in a boring industry. Dan ‘cracked the code’ and is now revealing his system to those who want to build a REAL agency that runs on auto-pilot.

Available for Interview

Contact Luke:
(571) 403-2433
(Media Only)

Promote your podcast to Dan's growing Facebook group currently on 1,700+ members.

Your Audience Will Learn Clever Tricks Like These:

  • How to start a 10K a month Guest Posting Business
  • How to network with bloggers even if you have no content and have in actuality,
    not done any work what so ever.
  • What never to say on a sales call with a big company
  • What types of content do your clients actually have the budget for?
    (The answer may surprise you)
  • How good does your content have to be in order to win links?
  • How to test VAs to see if they are worth hiring...
    if they will do a terrible job and destroy your agency.
  • How to find the best "hook" for building links to an ecommerce
    website and how to know when you've found it.
  • How to get websites to switch their backlinks to your 'resource page'

  • Plus ...

  • How many clients can you (safely) work with at one time?
  • Why you should NEVER use the 'Skyscraper method.'
  • The weird Instagram method to get your client an enormous amount
    of Instagram traffic at little cost.
  • ... And many more

Dan Ray has run campaigns for some of the largest companies in the UK. Such as making one of the UK's leading telecom companies £6.8 million pounds in 11 months, only from online channels.

Dan is motivated by his illness to concentrate on automation and "White Hat" processes that remove himself from the business as much as possible.

Dan also runs a popular SEO Facebook group with over 1,700 members.

Dan has a 200mb internet connection and professional microphone.

Teach Your Listeners to scale
their linkbuilding business the easy way

Possible Interview Questions

For Dan Ray,

White-Hat Linkbuilding expert

  1. So Dan ...Why pick "White Hat Linkbuilding" instead of becoming a full service SEO firm or full service marketing agency?
  2. How long did it take you to make that first dollar?
  3. What happened to your business after you were diagnosed with kidney failure in 2012?
  4. What is the most effective way to get clients?
  5. Is placing guest posts for FREE still viable, or is everyone SECRETLY, always paying for their guest post placements?
  6. I'm told you have "4 Magic Categories" -- and if you tie-in and connect your content to these 4 categories -- it becomes extremely easy to win links.
  7. Do you create content for your clients or do they already have content? How does that work?
  8. How do you get a complete stranger to pay $2,000 just to talk to you on the phone -- and then go on to hire you?
  9. Do you have a cold-outreach system that is working right now?
  10. You say you have a trick for building a "White Hat Private Blog Network" -- and that this trick works well with clients who are large companies?
  11. Are there any industries that are almost impossible to build links for?
  12. You say you have a trick for making $1,000 this week ...especially if you are starting with nothing?

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Sample Interview Questions

For Dan Ray

The White-Hat Linkbuilding
Agency Builder

  1. Do you prefer to work with business owners or the marketing teams of large companies?
  2. Should you try to get your agency website to rank in Google for "SEO in [YOUR CITY]"?
  3. How do you get a complete stranger to pay $2,000 just to talk to you on the phone -- and then go on to hire you?
  4. Do you need to present yourself as a large agency--if you want to be hired by big companies?
  5. How much time do you spend, personally, fufilling for clients?
  6. How do you hire and manage a team of VAs?
  7. What do you need to report to clients each month?
  8. How many links do you need to win for a client each month to keep them happy?
  9. Each month, how many blogs or "link prospects" do you need to approach on behalf of your clients?
  10. Do you have content writers on staff? If so, how do you manage them?
  11. Did you ever niche your agency -- such as targeting only one industry?
  12. What do you think about convincing marketing agencies to offer your service to their clients?
  13. If you had to start all over again from scratch - what exact steps would you take to build an agency in 2018?

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